all about us

Team Sophie B, your favourite social media mega stars! so personable bursting with passion and creativity, its a wonderful place to be!


Master colour expert Sophie B leads the way with  23 years experience and a bespoke collection of her exquisite signature colour techniques developed to create maximum hair envy .


Our philosophy is simple! Old school values dedicated to giving our guests an incredible experience consistently. We consider you as part of the family and will endeavour to make your stay memorable for all the right reasons.


At Colour Me Sophie B we just love to chat! If you are looking for a breath of fresh air you have come to the right place. Your visit begins with a banging consultation process in which we take the time to listen and advise. After all great hair starts with great communication ! There is no room for complacency here we just love to brainstorm ideas and create for our guests! Relax and unwind during your service with personable staff, uplifting music, premium refreshments, the latest magazines and free wifi. Optional life coaching is available on request !