• Sophie B

Want to know what it’s like working at Colour Me Sophie B?

Want to know all of the debauchery that goes on?! Let me take you on a guided tour with all the secrets attached. Ok, so let me tell you straight up, working at CMSB isn’t like your average job. We are not ‘average joe’s’. Let’s play a game, close your eyes for a second and humour me. Imagine working in a place where silence is banned, dancing is a must and a bra burning attitude is allowed as long as you can justify it by being truly professional!

Every day starts with our famous ‘party dance’ where we prance around the salon flamboyantly for 2 minutes to get the heart going and our spirits pumped!! We take it in turns to choose the song. Anything from hardcore dance to the buttery voice of good ol’ Stevie. You can count on Zoe to bring the energy every morning and get us jumping around like idiots. After that, it’s a race to the coffee machine so that we can get our daily fix. Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Back in the day, it used to be a hairdressing trait to survive only on coffee and cigarettes to keep you going through all of the clients. Eating just wasn’t a thing. Nowadays, I think it’s just coffee and then even more coffee. If you’re Sophie B, you’re not satisfied until you’ve bled the coffee supplies dry.

My main role is Sophie B’s life support and p.a. If Soph needs something, it is non negotiable on my part to make sure it gets done. Otherwise she jokingly threatens to send me a P45 in the post. Jokes aside, i’m far too organised and too much of a perfectionist to let anything slip through the net. Other daily occurrences are technically assisting Soph, Rosie and Zoe (and Hannah come to think of it) which means i get to dabble in colour every now and then and relive the life of a colourist again.

Throughout the day, you can catch us all having impromptu photo shoots, talking about make up for hours on end (Han’s the pro) or eating far too much cake until Sophie needs one of us to make her another coffee. It’s not unheard of that we eat all of the cake and have to do an emergency shop for more! I’m making it sound like we don’t do very much work at all but trust me; we do. Guests always come first and we make sure that we have great hairy times with them and lots of fun along the way. All of our amazing guests are used to the goings on at CMSB HQ and they love it!

At the end of the day, as we can’t bear to be without each other, (we call ourselves the hairy family) we all stick around and chat as we all crowd onto the massage chairs dreaming about the bottles of wine that we’re going to guzzle down our necks as soon as we get home. Wine is an everyday must when you works the hours of a hairdresser. Surely it’s a suitable reward? Surely it’s allowed as a daily reward?!