• Sophie B

A blog post from The Bud 🌱

Hey yallll🌸, its Hannah here just wanted to tell you all about how awesome my training at Colour Me Sophie B HQ is going! 🌸 When I started training with Soph I didn't have a CLUE about anything ! I was training at college (but we all know dated the college syllabus is😜) and I was so oblivious to the amazing world of science behind hair colour. 

I’ve been at CMSB for 11 months now and I have had the most incredible time, I have enjoyed training with the best hair chemist all the way from LA to learn all about science and the way everything works on the hair , I have had the balayage queen Jayne Wallace teach me her amazing wayside hair painting , followed by kebelo training too which was just brilliant! I can now de frizz the world 🌍 I then joined the girls all the way to Nottingham on a Ben Brown 3 day masterclass ! He is very famous and the king of the scissor ! We stayed in a hotel at night and revised while the boss got a Dominos delivered to us 🔥 😋😋( did someone say BEST BOSS EVER???) Then I have been doing loads of tape extension training with rapture and beauty works!. Only just recently we have started to work with David Barnett and Nicole Barnett, who are the most wonderful business coaches ! they are helping our business become the best it can be! It's crazy to see the impact their training and tips have had on CMSB! 🔥

Not only have I had gained so much out knowledge from our in house training programme , I have received so much love and support being trained by Sophie B , Zoe , Rosie and Sophie C throughout my whole time here. 

Sophie B has taught me colour skills , she has built my colour knowledge and understanding so much so that I can smash anything that comes my way , and also given me the confidence to face anything! (she has  brainwashed me a little bit to be a mini Soph B😂). Zoe has taught me all the cutting skills and how to make each client feel as beautiful as they possibly could, she has also taught me how to be strong and not to let the small things get to me! 💕 Rosie has taught me how to giggle, let loose and enjoy my work, she has taught me not to take life too seriously 🌸. Finally Sophie C has taught me that the most important thing in life is to be happy and to spend time with the people that you love , she's also given me so many people skills that I will use and treasure forever !💕

Not only is working for CMSB making me into an amazing stylist, I am surrounded by people who genuinely love , support me and help me to achieve my dreams in life and in work ….. They are also the people who I like to call family   💕

Team Sophie B 

Hannah 🌱