• Sophie B

May 🌸🌸🌸

Oohhh its all happening ! 15 months in and going from strength to strength 🛎 Here’s a round up of what’s been going on from Boss Lady Sophie B 🚀

🌸 Firstly last week  I delivered an absolute belter of a live seminar in one of the most prestigious hair forums online called Hair Uncut. I chose the difficult topic of guest complaints, a topic rarely covered in our industry. Mostly everyone speaks of all the fluffy stuff but I really wanted to shine a light on something taboo 🛎 My live broadcast lasted 90 minutes 😂 I was overwhelmed by the amount of views and engagement it was amazing ! I worked really hard behind the scenes to make it interesting and informative for other salon professionals and I was elated that it went down so well ! My favourite thing though was that my team were cheering me on and so supportive, normally it’s me coaching and motivating them ! To see that they were really proud of me was the icing on the cake 🧁 I have been asked back to do another seminar for Hair Uncut soon which is just brilliant! How cool is that ! 🛎

🌸 As you know the ethos and branding for our salon is massively important to us and we have worked really hard this past 15 months to really get out there and show the 🌍 what we are about ! Our industry is beginning to really notice us which is super exciting ! Individually we are strong, but united together as team Sophie B there is no stopping us ! Not only do we want to be recognised as talented stylists , we want to show everyone how amazing our business model is and how exciting it is to be part of a team who love , nurture and care for one another 💕 The way our business is so structured means we can really focus on our guests and the fun factor of our industry 😜 Leading by example has always been my way of mentoring and I am one proud mamma to see the team shining like 

stars ⭐️ They are my hairy SUPERSTARS 💫

🌸 We were super excited to be approached by Liverpool based cake baker aka instagram @cakie_baker and one of our guests Faye who are teaming up and creating a new business venture ! They will be supplying us with the most beautiful salon coordinated biscuits and treats for you all ! We can’t wait to collaborate ! What a wonderful opportunity to help launch another #bossbabes business 😜 We will of course be showcasing them to all of our supporters and guests soon ! 🌸🚀🌸

🌸 Our first home grown stylist is nearly ready for the picking ! Hannah has been watered and cultivated by team Sophie B for 12 months and is absolutely BLOOMING ! 💐 I always say “ years of service doesn’t make you an expert!” Exceptional mentoring and education does though ! this is exactly what we offer our team members in salon . She is under intense training - exams and working towards her vardering showcase around August which is super exciting ! Her vardering show is where she gets to showcase her whopping talent in front of an audience! She will be asked to produce her own hairy collection of awesomeness! Make mood boards for each 6 models and style them accordingly to show off her skill set to the world 🌍 The 6 models will include all elements of hairdressing and be marked live on the night ! Hannah is not only an incredible human but a huge talent ! We are so proud of her 🧨🛎🚀

🌸 Rosie our little giggle box is absolutely smashing it up as our long hair specialist ! Her signature finishes including the GLAM BLOW service has proved to be a roaring success ! So much so, that we keep having to order more brushes 😂 Her Balayage game is also strong and just loves to enhance those luscious locks with some sassy free hand painting ! It’s incredible to watch her create she really is an exceptional stylist with a warm and friendly demeanour! It’s amazing to see you all love her as much as we do ! We love you Rosie 🌸💕🛎

🌸 Zoe the extension master has been creating hairy envy throughout the UK 🇬🇧 with beauty works ! We are inundated with requests for Zoe’s handiwork as she creates beautiful colour work before colour matching the extensions for that seem less blend ! She uses an array of techniques to create for her guests depending on hair texture and of course the chosen look ! An all round incredible stylist Zoe also loves cutting shorter hair from the bluntest of bobs to pixies ! She has a great eye for detail which her guests just love she really is most definitely one to watch ! Zoe don’t ever stop being THIS awesome 👏🏼

🌸 Our favourite ginger Sophie C salon coordinator is doing a great job behind the scenes keeping us on budget which is probably the most important job of all ! She is our salon rock ! When she went on holiday for 3 weeks it became apparent that it is actually Sophie C that runs the 

business 😂 Joking aside ... she always goes above and beyond for the salon , our guests and of course the team ! Massive shout out to Sophie from all of us ! We are super proud of you and appreciate everything you do for us 🛎💕🛎

🌸 We are @redken ready ! I met @traceycunningham in London recently she is my idol ! The Beyoncé of hair colour ! I will die happy now 😂 We are also having a marvellous time creating beautiful work using this awesome range of colours ! Amazing feedback from @redken HQ and of course from our guests whom of which we are painting ! Lots of great messages our guests are just loving the shine and longevity of the colours ! We are having so much fun with the brand ! We fit together like a glove 🧤 They have been so supportive as have all our Redken family ! This was a great opportunity for us and we are proud to represent the @redken brand ! We are super excited about our future with Redken behind us ! 🖤

🌸 I got up close and personal with the Balayage legend @jackhowardcolor for an education day , which I brought back to the salon last week ! We had lots of fun practicing our technique and application to give the ultimate blend for our guests ! Always looking to improve and up our game ,this course was excellent ! We all learned so much ! Teams the educate together SLAY together ! 💁🏼‍♀️

🌸 I am a firm believer that if you don’t know how to do something you should indeed ... ASK AN EXPERT 🌈 I have been mentored throughout the last 18 months by David Barnett an awesome salon business coach. He has coached me in all aspects of business and since January this year has been coaching team Sophie B 1:1 😜 The Team has loved every minute and have enjoyed looking at their career from a different perspective. It’s important to me that my team have all the support they need to have the career of their wildest dreams ! Most salon owners shy away from growing their team members in fear of them leaving ... I believe that you should mentor , inspire , educate and be the loudest one cheering them on in an environment which can never be recreated resulting in a team that want to stay 🚀

So today I stand back with a warm heart,a little tear in my eye and a big smile at the amazing business we have created in such a short time ... and the best bit ? I have 4 incredible other team members to celebrate our success with who are as proud of me as I am of them ! #teamgoals 

Boss Lady 🌸